HOMEEnglishWinter Event

Goryokaku covered with snow


When Goryokaku is covered with snow in winter, its shape of a star can be more clearly identified than in the other seasons, as the surrounding trees have shed their leaves. Winter is the season when you can feel a sense of history of Goryokaku as a national special historic site and cultural asset, in the cold, clear air.


Dream of a Star (Dream of the Goryo Star) and a night view in Hakodate


In winter nights, Goryokaku becomes a huge star shining on the ground. Two thousand light bulbs are arranged along the moat of Goryokaku. You can enjoy a fantastic view from the Observatory. (December 1 to February 28)
In addition, the beautiful night scenery of urban areas of Hakodate can be also enjoyed, as the sun sets early in winter.
(The night scenery may look different according to the weather, the time and the condition of snow.)


First Sunrise (Dawn of January 1)


The sunrise on January 1 is called "Hatsuhinode (the first sunrise)". At the first sunrise of the year, many people pray to the sun, making a wish or declaring their determination for the new year. It is a traditional Japanese custom. Please watch the first sunrise from the Observatory of Goryokaku Tower on January 1. (You can enter the Observatory from 6:00 a.m. on January 1. The sun rises around 7:00 a.m.)
In addition, there will be a traditional Japanese event for celebrating the new year, "Mochitsuki (rice cake making)" in the Atrium on the first floor. Please enjoy freshly-made rice cake!