HOMEEnglishSummer Evnet


Goryokaku covered with greenery in summer


People visit Goryokaku, which is covered with abundant greenery in summer, as a quiet park in the city. From the tower observatory, the restored building of the former magistrate office, which was originally built by the Tokugawa government in the Edo era, can be seen surrounded by pine trees at the center of Goryokaku.
The observatory also commands a view of Mt. Hakodate, which is also covered with thick greenery, and the streets of Hakodate surrounded by the sea. Experience the short but pleasant summer in the northern port city of Hakodate.


The 31th Hakodate Open-Air Play Created by Citizens


Hoshinoshiro Ashitani kagayake” (star-shaped citadel, shine tomorrow)

This is a large-scale theatrical event performed by many citizen volunteers, which has been held since 1988. This year, there will be day shows (free) in the indoor atrium on the first floor of the Goryokaku Tower and evening shows (charged) performed outdoors at the entrance of Goryokaku.
  For details, visit the Open-Air Play website.


Tanabata (Star Festival)


This is a summer event handed down from olden days in Japan. People write their wishes on strips of paper and attach them to bamboo leaves. In Hakodate, children visit houses in the early evening of July 7, singing the song of Tanabata and collecting candles and sweets from the residents. Why don’t you write your wishes and pray for stars yourself?