HOMEEnglishSpring Evnet


"Cherry Blossoms in the Goryokaku"


Cherry blossoms in the Goryokaku are among the most famous in Hakodate. There are about 1,600 cherry trees in the Goryokaku, and many citizens and tourists visit there to enjoy viewing the blossoms (ohanami or cherry blossom viewing). From the observatory of the Tower, you can see the Goryokaku wrapped up in pink with cherry blossoms. Please enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms in the Goryokaku both on the ground and from the observatory. In the evening, lanterns are lit among the cherry trees, making a very fantastic scene (yozakura or cherry blossoms at night).

■Cherry blossoms bloom between late April and early May every year. Please note that the timing of bloom varies according to the year.

■Lanterns for "yozakura" are lit between… late April and early May every year.


"The 49th Hakodate Goryokaku-Sai"


This is an event for reproducing the historical events at the Goryokaku during the period of the revolutionary transition from the era of samurai to the modern times.

Saturday May 19, 2018 at 13:15

The 31th Toshizo Hijikata National Contest


A contest where participants wearing the costume of "Toshizo Hijikata", who is called the last samurai, perform a short play.


Sunday May 20, 2018 at 13:00

History parade and musical parade


A history parade of people dressed up in the reproduced uniforms of the Tokugawa shogunate army and the Meiji government forces. A battle between both armies (sword fights) and cannon shooting will be reproduced, too.