【Seasonal Event】Winter Evnet in Goryokaku


When Goryokaku is covered with snow in winter, its shape of a star can be more clearly identified than in the other seasons.


A symbol of the unfulfilled dreams from the twilight of the shogunate years - Goryokaku

View of Mt.Hakodate and the Tsugaru Straits from the observatory.
The star-shaped vista that shines on the grounds of Goryokaku Fort, a special historic spot.

Goryokaku Tower in height 107m, from the observatory Hakodate and Tsugaru Strait, Yokotsu mountain range of mountains, and you can see the view of the star that shines in a special historic site Goryokaku of the earth. Exhibition to have stand, exhibition space and "Goryokaku history corridor" that history can learn of Goryokaku, visible under the floor of tempered glass, taste mood in the air walk "see-through floor", original goods is complete you do not buy or was here It was "shop", and such as soft-serve ice cream and coffee to enjoy "cafe stand". Edges of the deep Shinsengumi Deputy-Hijikata Toshizo bronze image of the Goryokaku also been published.


Floor Guide



Entrance Hall / Tower Ticket Counter
Shop1F / Food & Drink 107
Under floor display-Goryokaku construction at the time Hakodate


Seasonal seafood restaurant "Shunka"
Restaurant Gotoken "Hakodate Curry Express"

Observatory 1F (86m)

See-through floor
Cafe stand
Observatory shop

Observatory 2F (90m)

On the second floor of the observatory, You can both command an impressive view of Goryokaku, a special historic site, and learn about the history of Goryokaku Fort in the exhibition space.

Exhibition space "Goryokaku History Corridor"
Model of Goryokaku Fort (1/250)
Goryokaku Guide (information terminal)
Touchable models
Toshizo hijikata (seated bronze statue) Produced by Machiko Kodera

【SSD】= Super Sloshing Damper
Water is vibration control system which is excellent in the most economical composed of a plurality of containers placed. Due to wind by resonating the movement of water in the vibration of the building can be reduced the vibration of the building.

Visitor Information


【Admission fee】(Group - 30 or more)
Adults 900yen (810yen)
Junior and high school students 680yen (610yen)
Elementary school students 450yen (410yen)
Children under 5 free

【Hours】(open throughout the year)
Apr. 21 - Oct. 20 8:00-19:00
Oct. 21 - Apr. 20 9:00-18:00

A pay parking lot only for sightseeing buses 30 (pay)
Those who visit the Tower by cars are kindly requested to use the nearby pay parking lots.

Shop & Restaurant

Goryokaku's original goods that are only available at the fort.
On the first floor there is a shop offering a wide assortment of original items that can only be found here.


Shop 1F


Souvenir Shop


Food & Drink 107

Freshly baked bread and coffee and soft-serve icecream.


Seasonal seafood restaurant "Shunka"

Tel. 0138-30-6336


Restaurant Gotoken "Hakodate Curry Express"

Tel. 0138-52-5811



Tel. 0138-30-3369


Cafe stand / Observatory shop


Observatory 1F

Address and Access

Goryokaku Tower Corporation
43-9, Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate 040-0001 TEL 0138-51-4785 FAX 0138-32-6390

Hakodate bus: Get off at the "Goryokaku Koen Iriguchi" Bus Stop and walk 7 min.
Streetcar: Get off at the "Goryokaku koen mae" Bus stop and walk 15min.


Main data of Goryokaku Tower


The new tower was opened on April 1, 2006.
(The Goryokaku Tower was originally opened on December 1, 1964.)

Height: 107m (including the lightning rod) 98m (tower height)
Height of observatory: 86m for the 1st floor, 90m for the 2nd floor
Capacity of observatory: approx. 500 people
Elevators: elevator that can accommodate 30 people x 2
Time required to reach the 2st floor of the observatory: approx. 30 seconds


Smoking is prohibited in the Goroykaku Tower.
No pets are allowed. (Exceptions are made for dogs for the visually or hearing impaired and dogs for the physically handicapped.)
The Goroyokaku Tower does not have parking facilities.